FCMG visits GNARC for Field Day

CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day. The ARRL Field Day ( is both an annual emergency preparedness exercise for US and Canadian licensed ham radio operators, and a great time to get some sunshine, fight some mosquitoes, and bounce some radio waves off of the ionosphere, while joining with a bunch of neighbors who also... Read more →

A new day is (d)awning

Notice anything different lately around the Main Avenue entrance to the FCMG Makerspace? (Other than the weeds that inconveniently sprouted up, seemingly overnight, that is.) Our door is now sporting a brand-spanking-new awning, complete with our logo. So, if the sign on the door isn't enough to convince you that you've found the... Read more →

Great FCMG writeup on Makezine

Fairfield County Makers’ Guild Hopes to Foster Creative Community I was excited and pleasantly surprised to see Fairfield County Makers Guild's grand opening on Make:'s Makezine. Take a few minutes to check it out and share with your... Read more →